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Machine Gun Preacher

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Release Date:Sep 23,2011

Category: Action / Biography

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.0

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Gerard Butler
Michelle Monaghan
Michael Shannon
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Plot : What is the probability of you seeing Gerard Butler in the cast of a movie and immediately thinking of big guns and bulging biceps? I would say, “pretty high!” Add to this the title of this movie and you will get a perfect score! But let me tell you this, it is not only about the guns and the fights, it’s about a whole lot more! The movie centers on a man who finds godliness. Sam Childers, played by Gerard Butler, happens to be a biker drug dealer. He is a classic bad guy, but there is more to him; he has a feeling of emptiness and he realizes the reason behind it when he hears about the situation in Sudan. He hears about how the children in that country are in dire need of rescue from the warlords, who are hell bent on turning them into soldiers to fight for them. He goes to Africa and takes into his hands, the god’s work of saving these children. But he does it in his own way; he answers the cruelties of those warlords in their own language. Fighting power with power, he does his work and goes about saving the children. As you watch Machine Gun Preacher online, you realize that director Mark Foster has done an impressive work with this project, and has given it the kind of environment it needed. It is a brilliantly made movie that inspires you to the core as you go through the length of it. A must watch, not just for the action buffs, but also for the people who like their movies to come with a message.

Machine Gun Preacher Movie is Directed By : Marc Forster

Starring : Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Michael Shannon, Madeline Carroll, Kathy Baker, Inga R. Wilson, Joshua Drew, Justin Michael Brandt, Souleymane Sy Savane

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Sep 25,2011
I like this movie
Sep 23,2011
I have watched this movie trailer & Gerard Butler has performed superb in it..
Sep 21,2011
I am a great fan of Michael Shannon. Now I am eagerly waiting for this movie of him to come. I am sure it will rock...