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Release Date:Jan 18,2013

Category: Drama

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Plot: ‘LUV’ is a drama film co-written and directed by Sheldon Candis. The story of the film focuses on the Eleven-year old boy who spends a day with his uncle, and decides whether he wants to be like his hero or needs to, finds his own direction in life.  Watch LUV online and see the life of Eleven-year old Woody Watson (Michael Rainey Jr.) that takes a shift when he goes on a field trip with his uncle Vincent (Common) one day. Woody in an orphan boy and lives in Baltimore, U.S.A. He has an absent mother who lives in North Carolina and is completely under drug addiction and fighting with it. Woody receives love from his uncle Vincent like a father. His uncle is like a father figure for him in his life whom he thinks his hero too. Vincent was a street hustler and drug dealer in his past and after spending 8 years in jail, he is ready to kick off his life with a fresh start. One day Vincent offers to show Woody things about life and to teach him some life lessons. Vincent has a dream to start his own business of crab shack restaurant. Unfortunately, bank denies giving him loan and his dream thrashes on the ground before it begins. However, to start his business he returns to his old drug dealer life back to arrange money. This thing of Vincent makes Woody sad and he finds himself in a jeopardy situation. Download LUV and see how it affects Woody when he sees his hero turning to his old life back again, where violence is waiting for him. Now he has to make a choice he wants to either follow footsteps of his hero or find his own direction in life.

LUV Movie Directed By: Sheldon Candis

Starrings: Common,Dennis Haysbert and Michael Rainey Jr.

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