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Love is All You Need

Watch Love is All You Need Movie Online Here | Download Love is All You Need Movie

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Release Date:May 03,2013

Category: Romance / Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.7

Views: 6264

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Plot: Love is All You Need is a romantic movie directed by Susanne Bier focusing on the high and low points of life. Download  Love is All You Need and experience a story depicting the ups and down of life in form of relationships and love. The story mainly focuses on the life of two damaged persons, Phillip(played by Pierce Brosnan) and Ida(Played by Trine Dyrholm). Phillip is an antagonize father, His wife is dead for which he blames the world. He is a lonely person inside and is not happy with his life. He makes a trip to Italy in order to attend the marriage of his son, Patrick(played by Sebastian Jessen). On the other hand, Ida is a hair dresser, Her husband left her for a younger women, Thilde(played by Christian Schaumburg Muller). Ida has just gone through a successful cancer treatment and is now going to the same place as Phillip, Italy, For the marriage of her daughter, Astrid(played by Molly Blixt Egelind). The story takes a turn full of emotions,  loss and love when Phillip and Ida runs in to each other. Watch Love Is All You Need Online and take a train to the world of emotions and love, Together with the lesson of having joy and moving on.

Love is All You Need Movie Directed By: Susanne Bier

Starrings: Trine Dyrholm, Sebastian Jessen, Molly Blixt Egelind

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