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Letters to Father Jaakob

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Release Date:Oct 08,2010

Category: Drama

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Plot : Letters to Father Jaakob is a heart-warming tale of redemption and self-reconciliation. The story is set in the beautiful landscape of Finland. The movie revolves around two central characters, Leila and Father Jaakob. Leila is a prisoner sentenced for lifetime imprisonment due to being convicted for a horrendous crime. The world has been unfair to her and she is only counting her days to meet her comeuppance. To her surprise, one fine day, after being behind the bars for twelve years, she is told by the jailer that she is going to be granted freedom. She is not excited or happy to hear the news, as she has lost all hope of breathing fresh air. She has no place to go to and no work to do. She is given a suggestion to work as an assistant to an aged pastor Father Jaakob, which she accepts unwillingly. Father Jaakob is blind and needs someone to care of him and help him respond to the letters of people, who seek his prayers. Leila finds it pathetic to read and write letters for the pastor to people he has never even met. However, she sticks to the job as she needs food and a place to live. Little does she realize that the Father’s words were slowly bringing about a renaissance of hope and belief in her! The story takes an interesting turn, when one day, the letters stop coming in. The Father goes into depression, and not it’s up to Leila to help him.

Letters to Father Jaakob Movie is Directed By : Klaus Haro

Starring : Kaarina Hazard, Heikki Nousiainen, Jukka Keinonen, Esko Roine

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