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Lesbian Vampire Killers

Watch Lesbian Vampire Killers Movie Online Here | Download Lesbian Vampire Killers Movie

Download Lesbian Vampire Killers

Release Date:Dec 29,2009

Category: Action / Comedy / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 5.0

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Plot :Lesbian Vampire Killers” is a comedic vampire movie, directed by Phil Claydon. The movie centers around two best friends Jimmy and Fletch. They both have their own problems in their lives, as Jimmy’s girlfriend has dumped him, while Fletch, who was working as a clown has been terminated from his job. So, to get rid of their worries they decides to travel to a village, they find in an old map. When they reach in the bar of this village, they learn that the village is under the curse of the Vampire Queen Carmilla. She cursed the villagers that every virgin girl of the village would turn a lesbian vampire at her eighteenth birthday. In the bar they saw four gorgeous women, who are leaving for their apartment in the forest. This is the same place where Jimmy and Fletch are to stay. At night this place is surrounded by a group of vampires, who need the blood of Jimmy and Lotte who are madly in love with each other. Meanwhile Fletch reveals that Jimmy is the successor of Baron and only he can remove the curse from villagers. Do watch the Lesbian Vampire Killers video which depicts the incident in a beautiful way.

Lesbian Vampire Killers Movie is Directed By : Phil Claydon

Starring : Mathew Horne, James Corden, Paul McGann, MyAnna Buring, Silvia Colloca , Vera Filatova, Ashley Mulheron

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Sep 02,2010
A horror comedy movie is refreshing thing to watch.