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Release Date:Oct 15,2010

Category: Thriller

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Plot : Directed by Thomas Ikimi, Legacy is the story of a man, wanting to leave behind his story for the world to know. Malcolm Gray, played brilliantly by Idris Elba, is a soldier, who has had a hard time fighting in the Eastern European region. When he returns to his hometown, there are issues surrounding him, which make him consider his stay in the Eastern European region, one that was far better than his present life. He is stuck with nobody except for his own self, in a motel room in Brooklyn one night, and it is his own mind that is driving him insane. He just can’t help thinking about what he has done all his life, and how he has been paid in return for his actions. Not only does he ponder over his own life and how he has been living all this while, he also keeps thinking about his sibling, Darnell, who is a shrewd politician. The fact that Darnell is leaving no stone unturned to reach a position that would get him into the White House also comes to his mind time and again. He also keeps thinking about the kind of person Darnell is and about Darnell’s madness for his aspiration, to follow which, Darnell would go to any extent. The movie was the closure at the Glasgow Film Festival, which was where it was premiered for the very first time. At the American Black Film Festival in 2010, Legacy bagged the Grand Jury Award, which certainly does all the talking for this movie.

Legacy Movie is Directed By : Thomas Ikimi

Starring : Idris Elba, Eamonn Walker, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Richard Brake, Clarke Peters

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