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Law Abiding Citizen

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Release Date:Oct 16,2009

Category: Thriller

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.1

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Gerard Butler
Leslie Bibb
Jamie Foxx
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Plot : Law Abiding Citizen is a thrills packed flick that tries to bring out the weakness of imperfect judicial setups exiting in crime-prone societies of today. Director F. Gary Gray tries to touch this serious subject via story about a family loving man who not only looses his dear ones but is also betrayed by the judicial system. Let’s peek at intriguing plotline of Law Abiding Citizen. Clyde Shelton’s peaceful life gets disrupted when one night few burglars break into his home and in their attempt to loot kill his lovely wife and innocent daughter. Now only aim left in this bereaved man’s life is to get full justice for this heinous crime committed against him. But this goal of his remains a mere dream as one of the culprit escapes harsh punishment. But soon after getting released, this killer gets murdered. The fingers of suspicion are pointed towards Clyde Shelton who willingly accepts his involvement. Now he is put inside the bars but lives of all those who let the culprit escape are still in danger. The only way out for them is to revamp the loopholes inflicted judicial system. Itching to know what happens next, then watch hair-raising Law Abiding Citizen video from here.

Law Abiding Citizen movie is Directed By : F. Gary Gray

Starring : Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Michael Gambon, Leslie Bibb, Colm Meaney, Theresa Randle, Viola Davis, Bruce McGill

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