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Lake Placid 3

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Release Date:Aug 21,2010

Category: Action / Thriller / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.0

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Plot : With no-feel-easy moments to let the viewers take a sigh of relief, Lake Placid 3 revolves around the horrifying basic instinct of crocodiles to tear flesh into pieces. Almost a year has gone by since Sadie Bickerman took her last breaths. Now gamekeeper Nathan Bickerman along with his family is at Sadie’s cabin located in close vicinity to Black Lake, to gather her possessions. Soon Nathan gets busy in talks with Sheriff Tony Willinger, who has come to inquire something about Sadie. In the meantime, Connor discovers that several young crocs managed to evade death, after the happenings of Lake Placid 2. He conceals this fact, to save the lives of the remaining crocodiles. Connor’s secret poses a major threat to the lives of the lakeside visitors. While Bickermans are leading a peaceful life in the town, Connor satiates the hunger of the crocodiles and they steadily grow much larger. The lake’s hunger to take lives once again comes alive with many people loosing their lives to its unstoppable predators. The only lucky souls to escape this croc-killing-spree are the Bickermans and Ellie, who demolish the last crocodile, with a well-planned trick. If you think that this is the end of it all, then think again! When things seem all quiet and settled, one more adult crocodile appears and directs fury at the camera. Lake Placid 3 is a movie that is enjoyable for its eye-popping camera work and fast-paced screenplay.

Lake Placid 3 Movie is Directed By : G.E. Furst

Starring : Colin Ferguson, Yancy Butler, Kacey Barnfield, Kirsty Mitchell, Mark Evans

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