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Labor Day

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Release Date:Oct 30,2009

Category: Documentary

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Plot : Labor Day is a documentary directed by Glenn Silber. One of the most important days in the history of U.S. was the 2008 presidential campaign. This movie focuses on the reasons, which made this campaign an extraordinary moment. One of the reasons is that this campaign had candidates, from difference races. Another reason was the immense passion and spirit of these candidates. This was a process, in which millions of people got engaged and several thousand organizations actively participated, because they all wanted to be a part of that democratic process, which was meant to choose America’s next president. The director of this movie is a two time Oscar winner, and via this movie she has tried to put stress on one of the participating organization, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The Labor Day video reveals that this organization had more than 2 million members, and it was the fastest growing union of that time. This movie knuckles down the efforts carried out the union, who has a number of activists, in order to transform Election Day into Labor Day. Their desire to bring a positive change is the thing, which acted as the driving force behind them.

Labor Day movie is Directed By : Glenn Silber

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