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Kandahar Break

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Release Date:Sep 17,2010

Category: Thriller / Romance / War

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Plot : Kandahar Break is a thriller cum drama, straight from the heart of Afghanistan. The story revolves around a British engineer, Richard, whose company posts him in a mine in Taliban-governed Kandahar. The owners of the company see a potential flourishing business in the mine, which is getting hampered because of the land mines, spread across the entire area, where the mine’s pipelines have to be laid. Richard and his friend, Steve Delamore, have been given the job of detecting and removing all the landmines in the vicinity of the mine, so that the workers can start working safely. Trouble comes calling, when Richard falls in love with the UN interpreter assisting him, the blue eyed beauty Jamilah. Being an unmarried woman, Jamilah is supposed to be accompanied by another woman, Ayesha at all times. However, Ayesha gets injured in an accident at the mine and Richard is about to lose his interpreter on these grounds. He appeals to a Taliban local, if he can still employ Jamilah to assist him. His interest in the young lady invites violence from the very strict Islamic partisans. Richard is forced to run from the country and he struggles to escape to the nearest Pakistani border. This story of love and hope in a land full of hatred, crime and darkness, is like an oasis in a desert of wrath. Whether or not the lovers can make it out of this living hell alive, is what the story has in store for the viewers.

Kandahar Break Movie is Directed By : David Whitney

Starring : Shaun Dooley, Dean Andrews, Rasheed Naz, Hameed Sheikh, Hidayat Saleem, Mariya Tahir Khan, Shista Khan, Tatmain Ul Qulb

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