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It Came From Kuchar

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Release Date:Apr 09,2010

Category: Comedy / Documentary

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Plot : It Came from Kuchar is a documentary film. It features gifted twin brothers George and Mike Kuchar who are legendary filmmakers in their own right. They have inspired directors, actors and musicians with their hilarious small budget flicks. George and Mike Kuchar spent a substantial period of life in Bronx, making "no-budget" films during 1950s. They used their aunt’s unique 88mm personal movie camera to record the Hollywood melodramas.Their works have motivated many seasoned and highly-reputed filmmakers like Buck Henry Wayne Wang, and Cory McAbee to name a few among them. It Came from Kuchar includes footages from their early big screen works as well. Moreover, it also includes conversation sessions with artists, writers and filmmakers who have been inspired by these genius brothers. Come here anytime to watch It came from Kuchar video.

It Came From Kuchar movie is Directed By : Jennifer M. Kroot

Starring : John Waters, B. Ruby Rich, Buck Henry, Atom Egoyan, George Kuchar, Mike Kuchar, Wayne Wang, Guy Maddin, Cory McAbee, Bill Griffith

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