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Into the Darkness

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Release Date:Mar 05,2011

Category: Thriller / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.0

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Plot : Into the Darkness is a horror film which will give you a lot of hair-raising moments. The plotline of this film is focused on a group of friends namely Ridge, Allie, Summer, Katelyn and Wes. Amongst all, Wes is the most responsible one. He is Ridge's big brother and also associated with the local rescue squad. Ridge is a young boy who has just returned home after spending some good time with his girlfriend Allie out in the West. Both the brothers are outdoor aficionados. Katelyn is an attractive young girl who started dreaming big things in her life soon after she won a beauty queen pageant. Allie's father is also one of the key characters. The plot of the movie takes a thrilling turn when Ridge comes back and in order to celebrate their reunion, all the friends plan to go for an exploration trip to nearby caves. The story takes a turn when all of them get lost in those very caves, in a mystifying way. Their main concern now is to gather and run for their lives. But do they live to tell the tale? Get an Into the Darkness video to watch their fight for survival.

Into the Darkness Movie is Directed By : Zachary Hopkins

Starring : Mischa Barton, John Schneider, Alexa Nikolas, Toby Hemingway, Joe Slaughter, Kiowa Gordon, Russ Russo

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Into the Darkness is the tale of a group of friends, who go on a trip to celebrate their reunion, only to be picked out mysteriously from the group, one by one! The movie entails how the group ends up lost in the caves that they thought would offer them a place to celebrate. The horror film has an aura that you would only enjoy when you watch Into the Darkness online here. Like Alladin’s lamp that made his wishes come true, this website is an entertaining magic lamp for movie lovers, and grants your every movie wish as soon as its name is entered in its movie library. So, associate yourself with this website, to avail and high point picture quality and fast data transfer speed. You can also download Into the Darkness movie in varied any format from DVD to DivX. If you have an iPod and want to watch your favorite movie on it while travelling, you can even do so with the help of this portal. So, you see, the benefits are infinite. All you have to do is to buy Into the Darkness movie and capture the unforgettable movie viewing experience. So, go and enjoy!

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