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I Served the King of England

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Release Date:Aug 29,2008

Category: Romance / Comedy / Drama

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Plot : I Served The King of England, is a comedy, drama, romance, war movie, directed by Jiri Menzel. It is all about Jan Díte, who is freed from jail after fifteen years. In flashbacks, he talks about his legend: he's a little, bright and swift-witted adolescent man, obstinately inexperienced, and also a seller at a train station. Due to one supporter, he soon becomes an attendant at fashionable hotels and restaurants. After working hard, he realizes, he is now affluent and has the ability to delight women. He struggles very hard, and becomes a millionaire, with his personal hotel. However, Jan soon drops his possessions and assets, when he informs the Communist resistance, that he is a millionaire. He is sentenced to prison for 15 years: one year for each million of his fortune. Meanwhile, we see Jan putting a life together after prison: why was he sentenced, and who will he become. You can catch I Served The King of England video right here, and see him work and pay!

I Served the King of England Movie is Directed By : Jiri Menzel

Starring : Ivan Barnev, Oldrich Kaiser, Julia Jentsch, Martin Huba, Marián Labuda, Milan Lasica, Zuzana Fialova, Josef Abrham, Jiri Labus, Jaromir Dulava, Pavel Novy, Rudolf Hrusinsky, Tonya Graves, Istvan Szabo

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