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House of Wax

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Release Date:May 06,2005

Category: Thriller / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 5.0

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Elisha Cuthbert
Paris Hilton
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Plot : House of Wax is a horror movie directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The movie starts in 1974, with a scene, where a lady is making a wax sculpture in her kitchen, whereas her son is eating breakfast in his highchair. Meanwhile, her husband enters the kitchen with another son, and ties him onto the highchair. The son scratches his mother’s hand, which further leads to an accident where the sculpture falls on the floor. Further, the story takes us in 2005 where six teenagers are heading towards a highly predictable football match, in Louisiana. At night all the teenagers decide to set up camp, which is later visited by a stranger. The stranger refuses to leave the campsite, until one of the teenagers smashes a headlight with a bottle.Afterwards, one of the cars’ fan belts is discovered to be damaged. The group then meets a messy, rural man called, Lester, who offers to provide a lift to the two teenagers to the nearby town of Ambrose, to buy a new fan belt. However, the rest of the group decides to go to the football match. Later, both the teenagers find that Ambrose is actually a ghost town. Fans can watch House of Wax video, from here.

House of Wax Movie is Directed By : Jaume Collet-Serra

Starring : Elisha Cuthbert,Chad Michael Murray,Brian Van Holt,Paris Hilton,Jared Padalecki,Jon Abrahams,Robert Ri'chard,Dragicia Debert

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