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Release Date:Oct 30,2010

Category: Comedy / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.0

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Plot : High school students Salvadore and Carmine Dementia did not know that worldwide fame was about to fall in their lap, when they created a reasonably priced PC operating system, which does not crash, while working on a science assignment. Incredible riches follow the Dementias, after their project starts to make news and a Hong Kong based company plans to launch their software as an inexpensive alternative to Microsoft Windows. While they see their living standard sky-rocketing, the rest of the dysfunctional Dementia families still find themselves stuck among the middle class society. Soon, the newly rich Dementias issue orders for construction of a haunted house, especially for Halloween, to flaunt their new found riches in front of still working-class Dementias. The Dementias are known to be very efficient at cracking practical jokes at one another, and you know never what will happen next. As Chindows enters various software markets, things do not go as smoothly as expected. Salvatore Sr., the now financially well-off male head of the family faces an imminent threat to his life. While watching the Horrorween video, the viewers keep on guessing whether this threat is from a competing software company, the mafia or some jealousy-inflicted Dementia.

Horrorween Movie is Directed By : Joe Estevez

Starring : William Shatner, Jenna Jameson, Tom Savini, Victoria De Mare, Donald Trump, Alice Cooper, Joe Estevez

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Horrorween embraces a unique blend of side-splitting comedy and blood-curdling horror. The mystery-packed storyline of this movie often makes the curious eyes of the viewers, pop out in utter surprise, as unexpected events unfold, one after the other. So, if you want to experience absolute entertainment, then watch Horrorween online here, because it’s occasionally freaky and occasionally laughter-provoking sequences will surely trigger a splurge of excitement in you! We respect your desires, which is why every movie video available from here, has full-length content and qualitatively top notch quality. If you maintain a personal movie collection, then the option to download Horrorween movie from here, will come in more than handy. Play movies on a wide variety of devices via ‘in demand’ video formats - DivX, DVD, IPod. We have reduced the gap between the formation of a desire and its fulfillment, via a truly fast data transfer rate. Download your much loved movies within an unbelievably short time and instantly feed your fun-hungry brain cells with the best of silver screen entertainment. Buy Horrorween online and get started without any delay!

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