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Honey 2

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Release Date:Jun 10,2011

Category: Comedy / Drama / Musical

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.1

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Plot : A sequel to Honey, the movie introduces you to a passionate dancer, Maria Ramirez, who is back in her hometown after enduring the blows of law. Just when she returns to her Bronx roots, she looks for an opportunity to relive her passion for dance. One night at a dance club, fortunately gives her a priced chance to showcase her dancing skills, and, she duly catches everyone’s attention. Her seductive moves don’t let her ex-boyfriend take his eyes off her. And, the guy is no thingummy, but the head of an award winning dance crew ‘718’. Maria’s moves compel him to pull her back in street dancing, from where she left earlier. However, he is not the only guy struck by the awe of Maria’s saltation. Even Brandton, the rec center volunteer, is mesmerized by her, and thus tries to team up with her in order to groom a bunch of ungoverned dancers called HD group. The major twist in the film comes, when Maria takes up the challenge to train the HD group against her ex boyfriend’s dance crew 718. This is the moment, when she realizes her actual worth and sets on a mission to rediscover the lost Maria, who had been marred by circumstances. And, she grabs this golden opportunity to show the world, her true colors. Undoubtedly, her skills are what drive her to this path of success. What remains to be found out is, whether she manages to beat her ex-boyfriend’s crew or not! Watch Honey 2 online and sort all your queries.

Honey 2 Movie is Directed By : Bille Woodruff

Starring : Katerina Graham, Mario López, Audrina Patridge, Seychelle Gabriel, Randy Wayne, Brandon Molale, Melissa Molinaro, Laurieann Gibson

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