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Release Date:Nov 23,2012

Category: Drama / Biography

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Plot: 'Hitchcock' is a drama film made on the real life of the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. The film is directed by Sasha Gervasi and based on the novel ' Alfred Hitchcock and the making of Psycho' written by Stephen Rebello. Academy Award winning actor Anthony Hopkins has given life to the character of Alfred Hitchcock whereas Academy Award Winning actress Helen Mirren has given life to the character of Alma Reville. Watch Hitchcock Online and see the love life of Alfred Hitchcock with his wife   Alma Reville  when he was shooting his critically acclaimed film Psycho in 1959.  The film also focuses on the decision of Hitchcock about making a lowly horror movie which afterwards became one of the biggest hits he ever made. Alma wasn't only his wife but also his lifelong contributor towards his films. She helped Hitchcock in every aspect of filmmaking. The film focuses on the relationship between them during the filming of the thriller ‘Psycho’ which even got 4 nominations in Academy Awards. Download Hitchcock and see the love life of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock and his wife and partner in film, Alma Reville which also leads to the success of the film.

Hitchcock movie Directed By: Sacha Gervasi

Starrings: Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson

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