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Here Comes the Bride

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Release Date:May 21,2010

Category: Comedy / Fantasy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 5.0

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Plot : This comedy movie thrives on soul-switching that yields hilarious outcomes, as characters dwell in this fray for a while, before regaining their original selves. Watch Here Comes the Bride online and witness a story that’s rib-tickler to the core, with an exchanging of souls taking place on the wedding day of Stephanie. An unfortunate accident at the Magnetic Hill in the backdrop of a solar eclipse leaves everyone baffled. It leads to godmother Percy’s soul entering into nanny Medelyn’s body, nanny’s soul making a foray into grandfather Bien’s body, and his soul making stylist Toffe’s body, its haven. The fallacy resulting due to the effect of the solar eclipse can be rectified only, after two years, when the eclipse recurs again! Thus, after a gap of two years, the same drastic event recrudesces at the Magnetic Hill with right souls entering into their respective bodies; things finally falling in place for all the five characters. While one would wonder about the feasibility of such wacky instance happening in real life, it does send shivers if you mull over the thought of it being a reality! What will follow would be nothing less than a pandemonium!

Here Comes the Bride Movie is Directed By : Chris Martinez

Starring : Angelica Panganiban, John Lapuz, Jaime Fabregus, Eugene Domingo, Jaime Fabregas, John Lapus, Tom Rodriguez

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