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Here Comes the Boom

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Release Date:Oct 12,2012

Category: Action / Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.0

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Plot: “Here Comes the Boom” is an action/comedy film directed by Frank Coraci. Story of the film revolves around a lazy teacher who decides to save the extra curricular activities in his school, which are going to be cut out due to the poor budget of the school. Watch Here Comes the Boom online and see Scott Voss ( Kevin James), a lazy biology teacher, pacifying his way to save the much needed extra curricular activities in a school, where he is teaching. This will cut the music department from their school also. If this happens then, Kevin (Henry Wrinkler) who is the music teacher of the school will lose his job too. This will make Kevin's life hard as his wife is pregnant and it will effect their family a lot. Scott decides to help Kevin as he thinks that Kevin is a great teacher and is good with the students in his class. For this Scott  starts training himself in Mixed Martial Arts. He knows that only being in the competition will give him the much needed, $10000 which, would be just enough to save Marty's job and all the extra curricular activities at the school. Download Here Comes the Boom and see how Scott suffers the pain in the competition while competing with the other Mixed Martial Arts players. And also find out for yourself about the success of his quest to save the extra curricular activities in the school he works for and adore.

Here Comes the Boom Movie Directed By:Frank Coraci

Starrings: Kevin James, Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler

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