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Release Date:Nov 19,2010

Category: Drama / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.1

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Jim Sturgess
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Plot : Have you ever tried to encroach the pre-defined limits of the nature? Have you ever thought of overtaking the fundamentals of God to acquire supernatural powers in an unnatural way? If you want to witness such much-imagined ideas, then do watch Heartless video. It will not give you anything less than a major adrenaline rush. Jamie Morgans, the protagonist of this horrifying thriller will certainly mess around with the natural laws, making the movie, an invocation of contemporary Dr. Faustus play, written by Christopher Marlowe. The movie centers on Jamie, who is wrecked by a huge, heart shaped birthmark on his face. He apparently, survives amongst a gang culture, whose influence compels him to mull over that the world is hideous and pointless. However, when he becomes acquainted with the truth of life, he reconsiders his pre-conceived notion of taking world as meaningless and dribbles into a deal with a friend to fight against his soul and rectify the sin he commits, like Dr. Faustus does against Mephistophilis in the play. The movie presents clear signs of gothic locations and cinematography to inveigle the audience with its spine-tingling charm. And not to forget, the plotline is appealing enough to make you glued to your seats till you reach its tearing end.

Heartless Movie is Directed By : Philip Ridley

Starring : Timothy Spall, Jim Sturgess, Eddie Marsan, Clemence Poesy, Luke Treadaway, Noel Clarke, Joseph Mawle, Bhasker Patel, Ruth Sheen

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