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Release Date:Nov 03,2009

Category: Action / Science Fiction

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.3

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Val Kilmer
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Plot : Imagine what it would be like to wake up one day and remember nothing, not even your name, but just the fact that you are subject 373 of an unknown secret project. Scary thought, isn’t it? But this is what happens to Luke Gibson, the protagonist of the movie Hardwired. Luke was driving his pregnant wife to work one morning, when a truck came out of nowhere and hit his car. He lost his wife and unborn baby. He himself suffered a life-threatening injury, from which there was no hope of survival, owing to the fact that his medical insurance had expired! But, he was saved miraculously by a corporation known as the Hexx Corporation. However, this survival came at the price of Luke’s privacy and morality. Luke was hardwired with a micro-chip in his brain, which kept directing him about what he should do. Luke soon realizes that there is something unusual and fishy about his everyday actions. But he has no choice, but to abide by what his brain chip commands. The Hexx Corporation has extremely evil intentions in mind. Luke must act quickly, if he wants to prevent the destruction planned by the corporation’s head, Virgil. He takes the help of expert computer hackers like Hal and “Keyboard”, who enter and disable the implanted chip in Luke’s brain. They help him recover his memory and even tell him how the Hexx Corporation had strategized Luke’s car accident, so that they could get a volunteer for their mission. Watch Hardwired online to find out if Luke can foil Virgil’s plans!

Hardwired movie is Directed By : Ernie Barbarash

Starring : Cuba Gooding Jr., Val Kilmer, Michael Ironside, Matt Anderson, Rob Carpenter, Robert Clarke, Dave Cote, Alastair Gamble

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