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Happiness Runs

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Release Date:May 07,2010

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 1.0

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Plot : Happiness Runs is a coming-of-age drama based on a young lad called Victor. Having been raised in a hippie commune, Victor grows up as a neglected child, exposed to lessons unsuitable to his age. Watching his mother and everyone else that was a part of his society leading a life of dissoluteness, Victor has the burning desire to escape from this world of loveless sex, drugs and abuse. A love interest of his, Becky, who returns to the commune to take care of her dying father, is also swept away in this tide of moral depravity, while Victor makes futile plans of escaping from this world to the real one. Insley, the guru of the commune, has a dubious philosophy of “running”, which has women totally under his control and willing to part with all they have, including their bodies, for his gratification. Victor even tries to sell drugs, seeing it as one possible way to get out of this ‘hell’, along with Becky. However, others who are vying for the fair maiden’s attention begin to cut away all of Victor’s chances of an escape. Even his own mother proves to be of little help to him, because she is way too deep in the influence of Insley. Catch the movie to witness the dystopia that lurks beneath the illusionary utopia and Victor’s desperate attempts to break free from the labyrinth of moral corruption.

Happiness Runs movie is Directed By : Adam Sherman

Starring : Hanna Hall, Mark L. Young, Jesse Plemons, Rutger Hauer, Rich Sickler, Mark Boone Junior, Andie MacDowell, Joni Barth, Steven Christopher Parker

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May 13,2010
Happiness Runs movie is quite a inspirational one for me. :)