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Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

Watch Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk Movie Online Here | Download Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk Movie

Release Date:Mar 12,2008

Category: Adventure / Documentary

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Plot : It is a documentary film that calls people to explore the well-organized means, in which Native Americans previously used the Colorado River, without giving up the beautiful land that surrounds it. A bunch of people deny that fresh water is maybe the world's most valuable resource, still the way things are headed, we may be unable to find that resource sooner than we think. Jr. and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis and Robert F. Kennedy tries to raise a consciousness about the worldwide water problems, by boarding on an incredible river-rafting journey down the mighty, Colorado River. The people of the two nations and seven states use the Colorado River water for farming purposes every day, despite the fact that Colorado Delta has dried up. Many of them don’t know the original source of water. We discover not only about the past of this particular watercourse, but also how mankind may best compete with the declining water supplies, should the warnings issued by ecological scientists truly come to pass. You can watch Grand Canyon Adventure: River At Risk video to see the exciting, but dangerous journey of Wade Davis and Robert F. Kennedy.

Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk Movie is Directed By : Greg MacGillivray

Starring : Robert Redford, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Wade Davis, Shana Watahomigie, Tara E. Davis, Kick Kennedy, Nikki Kelly

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