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Give em Hell Malone

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Release Date:Jan 26,2010

Category: Action / Thriller / Crime

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Plot : Give 'Em Hell, Malone is a suspense-packed story of a misfortunate man, who gets entrapped in a mesh of conspiracies. Malone, the former strong-headed private investigator, chooses sharp shooting as a means to fill his wallet. When he gets hired to bring back a suitcase from a building taken over by weapons-laden gangsters, the ear-drum shattering sounds of bullets being fired eat away the prevailing calmness. Luck-rich Malone succeeds to survive in these precarious circumstances. Now, he is engulfed by the suspicion that someone had tricked him to step on a deadly trap. To crack the suspense, he keeps back an attention-stealing item in the case, which denotes a special meaning. What happens next is that several gangsters follow him to decode the meaning of the suitcase’s items. Malone finds himself stuck in non-stop violent encounters, which put a full stop to the breaths of many. Soon Malone finds himself face to face with Whitmore, who reveals that he had secured his services and smartly manipulated Malone into wiping off Whitmore’s criminal help. He further discloses that he had slipped a keepsake of Malone’s son into the suitcase, as the major segment of his evil plan. This trickery allowed Whitmore to pose as a ‘worthy businessman’, with no one from his criminal past pointing fingers at his legitimacy to be one. Fuming with intense anger, Malone sucks the life senses out of Whitmore. Overall, Give 'Em Hell, Malone is a movie with a meaty plotline, which has been enlivened through a scintillating screenplay.

Give em Hell Malone Movie is Directed By : Russell Mulcahy

Starring : Chris Yen, Doug Hutchison, Eileen Ryan, Elsa Pataky, French Stewart, Gregory Harrison, Leland Orser, Thomas Jane, Ving Rhames, William Abadie

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