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From Paris With Love

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Release Date:Feb 05,2010

Category: Action / Thriller / Crime

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.2

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John Travolta
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Plot :From Paris With Love’ is an action-packed crime tale. Being directed by Pierre Morel, the movie centers James Reece, a personal assistant to U.S. Ambassador in France. James has a gorgeous French girlfriend but he is seeking a lucrative career as an agent. He is eager to face some real actions in the life. In the meantime, he is joined by a special FBI agent Charlie Wax. He shows a ray of hope to James to get his desire fulfilled. From Paris with Love video moves as James is sent to cease a terrorist attack in the capital with Wax. And what happens next is really interesting. On the whole, the movie has an attention-grabbing theme that amuses viewers from the beginning to the end.

From Paris With Love movie is Directed By :
Pierre Morel

Starring :
John Travolta, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Amber Rose Revah, Kasia Smutniak, Melissa Mars, Farid Elouardi, Richard Durden, Chems Dahmani

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Belony Aime
Mar 12,2010
I love from paris with love movie for it's cool thriller actions
Feb 09,2010
I love From Paris With Love movie for it's cool thriller actions.
Feb 06,2010
request watch full movie,please thank you.
Feb 05,2010
requst watch full movie