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For My Father

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Release Date:Jan 29,2010

Category: Drama

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Plot : For My Father, is a very touching movie with an unusual story line revolving around two protagonists who are vastly different from each other but are brought together by destiny in the least likely of circumstances. Directed by Dror Zahavi, For My Father is the story of Tarek and Keren. Tarek is a Palestinian guy who is a suicide-bomber and is on a mission to avenge his father’s humiliation. As fate would have it, the bombs planted on him fail to explode at the last moment, hence giving him a second chance at life. Due to this, he is forced to spend his weekend in the land of his rivals, Tel Aviv, as he awaits the repair work. He finds it ironical that he is living with his enemies whom he was prepared to kill and inadvertently begins to make good connections with few of the Israelis. That’s when he meets a girl named Keren who is a 17-year-old Israeli, born and brought up in a very religious family. Keren has escaped her home in order to liberate herself from the shackles of the orthodox burdens imposed upon her. Soon after, Tarek and Keren realize that they are smitten by the love bug. They open up to each other and Tarek discloses his plan of action to her. But the fear of being in a rival camp and having bombs still strapped on him amidst the constant checking of the Israeli police leads him into a state of introspection. He ultimately finds himself stuck at crossroads between the newly-discovered spark of his life and his ultimate aim.

For My Father movie is Directed By : Dror Zahavi

Starring : Shredi Jabarin, Shadi Fahr-Al-Din, Chaim Banai, Hili Yalon, Rosina Kambus, Michael Moshonov, Shlomo Vishinsky, Oren Yadger, Amir Yerushalmi, Jony Arbid, Dina Golan

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