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Final Destination 5

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Release Date:Aug 12,2011

Category: Thriller / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.2

Views: 95445

Comments: 3

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Plot : The entire concept of the terminal that we hit against once the soul leaves the body forever is so vague that it successfully inculcates a lot of curiosity in the human mind that finally leads to imaginative visuals of the ‘Final Destination.’ Steven Quale exploits this idea in ‘Final Destination 5’, where employees of a firm come close to the final day at an off-site company outing of theirs. The plot kicks off with the employees of a firm out on a relaxation trip as a part of an off-site corporate event of their company. One of the employees, Sam falls asleep in the bus and experiences a premonition that a bridge collapses on their way that results in his own death and also kills all his mates in that ill-fated bus. Unfortunately, Sam wakes up to experience something he would never forget all his life. The dream that he had just seen and wished that he never saw it ever again in his life was coming true before he could ever expect it. The bridge actually crashes down, and the bus would soon be falling off the cliff, killing each and every soul in it. One has to watch Final Destination 5 online to see Sam fight out the events with fear-provoking knowledge about everything that was going to happen next. This makes it even more difficult for him to believe that his premonition is a mere dream and the reality could be very different; it somehow had to be!

 Final Destination 5 Movie is Directed By : Steven Quale

Starring : Emma Bell, Nicholas D'Agosto, Miles Fisher, Arlen Escarpeta, David Koechner, Ellen Wroe, P.J. Byrne, Tony Todd

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emmanul sumikat
Sep 07,2011
amazing movie,., i love it
May 06,2011
Life is as plain and simple for Sam Lawton, as for anyone else in this world. But as it is said that change is the only thing in the world that is certain, Sam experiences a tremendous change in his life, after he’s hit by an accident, while travelling in Flight 180 that exploded soon after it accelerated. The whole incident changes Sam alike the way, a human being is transformed into an unnatural being. Unlike others, he can now sense the