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Everything Must Go

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Release Date:May 13,2011

Category: Comedy / Drama

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Plot : Directed by Dan Rush, Everything Must Go is a hilarious chronicle about a happy-go-lucky person. Nick Porter (Will Ferrell) is a guy, who spends sixteen precious years of his life in giving speeches about the path to sure success. He is a sales executive, whose life is going smooth until misfortune starts following him. First, he loses his hard earned job and later, other important things of his life start to separate their ways. His wife leaves him in futile condition, changing the locks of their house. He has nothing, except all his possessions that his wife has thrown out of the house, in the front yard. He is left with nothing in the name of account balance, but all these possessions; with which he believes that everything must go on! Well, Nick tries to put his life on track when it has actually left with no track. He puts his possessions on sale in order to give a start to his life. Neighbors, strangers and everyone on the way, have their eyes on Nick. Will Nick be ever able to bring his good times back? Or he would have to spend his entire life in misery now? Well, it’s really a hard time for him, as life is putting to test the fortitude of this optimistic sales executive.

Everything Must Go Movie is Directed By : Dan Rush

Starring : Will Ferrell, Rebecca Hall, Laura Dern, Stephen Root, Glenn Howerton, Michael Peña, Shannon Whirry, Jason Spisak, Christopher Jordan Wallace

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