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Easy A

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Release Date:Sep 17,2010

Category: Romance / Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.9

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Emma Stone
Cam Gigandet
Lisa Kudrow
Amanda Bynes
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Plot : Easy A is an upcoming romantic comedy, directed by famous director Will Gluck. It is an incredible saga of a girl, who ruins her smooth life due to a white lie. It is about a fame-hungry girl, who publicly makes a statement, which is that she is not virgin. She does all this to gain a social standing in the society. She spreads the lie about losing her virginity then she feels that she has done the biggest mistake of her life. It's like you can see Hester of ‘The Scarlet Letter’ playing out her life for you. She chooses the most immoral way to get fame, which is why she has to give up her flawless reputation. The movie covers all those issues, which ruin and correct the lives of the teenagers. This movie also depicts the complications in a girl’s life if she reveals anything about her personal affairs. The director has included a set of brilliant actors which include, Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Thomas Haden Church and Lisa Kudrow. You can catch this romantic comedy, only if you watch Easy A video first. You wouldn't be able to resist from catching this movie.

Easy A Movie is Directed By : Will Gluck

Starring : Emma Stone,Stanley Tucci,Amanda Bynes,Cam Gigandet,Lisa Kudrow,Malcolm McDowell,Penn Badgley,Patricia Clarkson,Dan Byrd,Thomas Haden Church,Alyson Michalka

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