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Release Date:Feb 19,2010

Category: Thriller

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.4

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Plot : Dreamkiller takes the subject of psychoanalysis to an all-new level, as it carries on a dark chapter of history, which was long believed to be closed. During the reign of Adolf Hitler, he was believed to have appointed a group of psychotherapists, including the infamous doctors Carl Clauberg and Joseph Mengele, to formulate a method by which he would be able to induce psychosis in his enemies. Even though the studies were believed to have been culminated with the end of the Second World War, yet some evidence of the work of the doctors was left behind. Reviving the deadly methodologies, a group of highly respected doctors, with Dr. Marvin Stalberg (John Colton) at their helm, devise a breakthrough revolution in psychiatric therapy, which they name the ‘F.R.I.T.’ technology. With the use of F.R.I.T., the doctors claim to be able to get rid of the worst fears and phobias in their patients. Even though the general public is still apprehensive of the procedure, the doctors begin performing trials on a number of patients. It is not long before the project is shrouded with a cloud of mystery, as the trial subjects gradually begin to disappear. A probe into their deaths brings to surface a sinister revelation- each of them died of what they feared the most. Unable to undo the ghastly damage that has already occurred, the team of detectives set off on a mission to curb the horrendous activities of the team, and save the few patients that are still alive. Watch Dreamkiller online for a psychological thriller that will invade your mind long after the credits roll!

Dreamkiller movie is Directed By : Catherine C. Pirotta

Starring : Dario Deak, John Savage, Tyrone Power Jr., John Colton

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Feb 06,2010
Dreamkiller movie seems a interesting thriller. P.S.- It's name.