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Dream House

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Release Date:Sep 30,2011

Category: Thriller / Drama / Mystery

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.6

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Daniel Craig
Naomi Watts
Rachel Weisz
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Plot : Dream House is a dark suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seats. The chief character in the movie is Will Atenton, a publisher from Manhattan, who is well settled in life and is doing well for himself and his family. However, he decides to quit his job and relocate to New England with his family, far away from the hustle-bustle of New York City. While the move was intended to bring some calm into their lives, a thing too much to ask for in the city, things go totally awry. Unexpected events and sightings begin to happen and it is then that Will and his family realise that all is not perfect about their dream house. They come to know that the house has witnessed the murder of a mother and her two children, perhaps, at the hands of the husband who managed to escape scot free. Now, the spirits of the deceased haunt the house exacting revenge on anyone who has had the ill-luck of acquiring the property. Suspense thriller lovers, you can watch Dream House online and feast on the spine-chilling flick that this one is. It is an extremely engrossing movie that you would thoroughly enjoy.

Dream House Movie is Directed By : Jim Sheridan

Starring : Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Marton Csokas, Claire Geare, Taylor Geare, Rachel G. Fox, Mark Wilson

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Sep 30,2011
Naomi Watts one of ma fav celebrity. She is luking gorgeous in Dream House. Superb movie