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Dream Boy

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Release Date:Apr 03,2009

Category: Romance / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.9

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Comments: 14

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Plot : Directed by James Bolton, Dream Boy is a romantic drama based on a novel by Jim Grimsley. Set in the late 1970’s, the film revolves around Nathan (Stephan Bender) a gay teenager who has been sexually abused by his father for years. Nathan moves to a small town in Louisiana with his father Harland (Thomas Jay Ryan) and mother Vivian (Diana Scarwid) and soon becomes attracted towards his next door neighbor and schoolmate Roy (Max Roeg). He later learns that Roy is also attracted towards him and the two become lovers. However, their secret is revealed when the two boys go on a camping trip with some friends who are not very open-minded. How this effects their relationship remains to be seen.

Dream Boy movie is Directed By : James Bolton

Starring : Stephan Bender, Maximillian Roeg, Randy Wayne, Owen Beckman, Diana Scarwid, Rooney Mara, Rickie Lee Jones

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jhoan oria
Mar 24,2010
i want to see dream boy
Dec 08,2009
Oct 18,2009
There's a book, read it and you won't be confused. for all your questions, Nathan is not a ghost, he was always alive, they were just careless and never took his pulse. his breathing was to shallow to be seen and his body was freezing. it's the late 50s/early 60s, people were more careless in medicine. and the deal with nathan's father is he sexually abuses nathan and is an alcoholic. i've never seen the movie but i've read the book by jim grimsley. and it's blocked in my region too, how do i fix it!
Oct 11,2009
not only woman have a dream...
Oct 04,2009
Really...? I thought Roy's acting was kinda bad at parts, I loved Nathan :3 SUCH a sad film D':
Aug 03,2009
True love . i really wanna contact you plz add my e-mail thx so wana talk about this movie.
Aug 03,2009
Truelove,How can i contact you have e-mail. really wanna chat and be your friend plz add me as your friend on my e-mail thx so much
Jul 29,2009
The video is blocked in my region. Does anyone know how to unblock it? I realllllyyyy want to see this movie!
Jul 15,2009
Thank you =)
Jul 10,2009
TrueLove.. he is dead. he came to be with roy as a ghost babe.