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Down for Life

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Release Date:Oct 08,2010

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.7

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Plot : Alan Jacobs brings forth, ‘Down for Life’, the very dramatic film that showcases the story of a 15-year-old girl, who is just not like a girl next door. Anjelica Soto, alias ‘Rascal’ (Jessica Romero), an old Latino gang leader, fights for her life. Very soon, Rascal realizes that her survival is a matter of a few days, because she is confronted with a violent surrounding and mountaining racial tensions that are soon to take her life. Soon, she finds her English teacher (Danny Glover) to her rescue. Catch Down for Life video to see the turning point in Rascal’s life. Rascal is very encouraged with the idea suggested by her teacher of participating in a writing event that is supposed to take place in Iowa. Rascal aspires to make his way out of the gang by writing his way out. But then, all of this isn’t as simple as it looks. It all comes with a cost. Rascal is trapped between a vicious circle, getting out of which is something certainly impossible. He will have to renounce his loyalty, which is something certainly not easy. Will he be able to cope up with this pressure? Find out with simple mouse clicks!

Down for Life Movie is Directed By : Alan Jacobs

Starring : Jessica Romero, Danny Glover, Snoop Dogg, Laz Alonso, Kate del Castillo, Kurt Caceres, Cesar Garcia, Nicholas Gonzalez

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Down for Life is a movie that can be referred to as being part of a truthful cinema, which is the documentary style of makings films, that combines naturalistic techniques in which the camerawork and editing is done with a very stylized pattern. Watch Down for Life online at an extremely high steaming rate and see for yourself if survival is something that exists in pressure? Rascal does not want to worsen the things that are already in a decayed state. How will this 15-year-old girl cope up with the changing circumstances? Download Down for Life movie to learn the most critical values of life, which are left unspoken and unheard. You’ll be amazed to know that Down for Life can be accessed in formats like DVD, DivX and is even compatible for to an IPod. The movie is sure to shake you up and give you jitters, when Rascal maneuvers you through the intensities of life. The very bold gal can also be caught when you opt to buy Down for Life movie. So, go ahead and enjoy!

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Jun 14,2013
i wanna watch down for life !!!!!!!!!!!!!