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Dog Pound

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Release Date:Jun 23,2010

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.0

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Plot : Written and directed by Kim Chapiron, Dog Pound shows the bitter realities of correctional centers. These are places where youngsters, who commit mistakes, are brought, to help them become good citizens, when they are released upon completion of their terms. The movie is about three boys - Butch, Davis and Angel, who think it’s not going to be very difficult to get through their period of detention and would come out pretty easy, back to lead their normal lives. But what awaits them inside the juvenile home is something far worse than their worst dreams. Not only are the living conditions horrible, the already present inmates, especially the members of a gang, make sure that the new entrants do not even breathe with ease. From brawls to the gang’s weird rules, the three youngsters have no option but to give in to whatever they are acquainted with. Other prominent characters of the film include the staff, deployed at the detention center, and fortunately, they are not corrupt as such. The movie gives you the chance to come to terms with the real going-on of correctional centers, where “correction” is far from being seen. You are also shown how these correctional centers work completely opposite to their prime objective of correcting those, who have followed a wrong path in their lives. The centers actually harden them further, especially due to constant upon exposure to harsh conditions. The movie is a serious drama and is packed with substantial content.

Dog Pound Movie is Directed By : Kim Chapiron

Starring : Adam Butcher, Alexander Conti, Dewshane Williams, Jason Foote, Lawrence Bayne, Mateo Morales, Shane Kippel, Shawn Doucette, Tim Turnell, William Christopher Ellis

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