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Diamond 13

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Release Date:Jan 21,2009

Category: Action / Thriller / Crime

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Plot :Diamond 13” is an action-packed crime thriller directed by Gilles Behat. The movie revolves around a Paris police officer, Mat, who works diligently in the criminal squad of Paris police. He has a longtime friend, Franck, who is also a police officer but is posted in a different drug squad. After some time, Mat gets to know that while dealing with drug traffickers, Franck has also started doing some illegal work, by providing a helping hand to these smugglers. Franck often raided local dealers and after finding all the items and high-priced drugs, he sells them at low-cut prices to other local people. By doing this, he is actually making a great deal of money. But he very soon lands Franck in trouble and now he needs somebody’s help to get out of it. Thus Mat decides to help his best friend in sorting out his problem, by putting his own job and career at stake. But Diamond 13 video reveals that Mat decides to bear the burden of ‘Franck’s crimes’ on his own shoulders, in order to save his crooked friend from deadly consequences.

Diamond 13 Movie is Directed By : Gilles Behat

Starring : Gerard Depardieu, Olivier Marchal, Asia Argento, Anne Coesens, Aïssa Maiga, Catherine Marchal, Erick Deshors, Frederic Frenay, Jean-François Wolff, Patrick Hastert

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