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Release Date:Dec 01,2009

Category: Thriller / Drama / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.5

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Plot : Every house carries a history with itself. And sometimes, the secrets hidden in the house can turn out to be a threat to the life of the new comers. The same will unfold in Deadline, when Alice will move into a new house to complete an urgent screenplay. In her thirties, she is carrying the burden of a life-threatening assault from the man she loved dearly. Recovering from it, she prepares herself to complete a screenplay, which got delayed because of her condition. Seeking solace in a new house, which belongs to a friend, she begins her work. But as the days pass, unusual things start happening. Some voices are haunting her existence in the house, and she decides to unravel the mystery surrounding the inexplicable happenings. As she moves in the dark corners of the house, she finds a box full of films. In the initial films, a couple is seen with a new born baby. The husband grows suspicious about her wife’s faithfulness, and events take a bloody turn. Through the tapes, Alice discovers her own past too, which she was not familiar with. As the movie progresses, the mystery surrounding the attack on Alice also comes into light. As she reaches the final films, she finds that the man kills his wife and later on tries to take his life, but survives. Alice soon comes face to face with the husband, who tried to kill the wife. As the line between thoughts and reality blurs, the movie moves towards a gripping end. Watch Deadline online to discover whether it was all in Alice’s head, or there was really something wrong happening in the house.

Deadline Movie is Directed By : Sean McConville

Starring : Thora Birch, Tammy Blanchard, Marc Blucas, Brittany Murphy, Claudia Troll, Michael Piscitelli

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