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Dead Tone

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Release Date:Sep 03,2009

Category: Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.7

Views: 11578

Comments: 3

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Plot : Dead Tone is a spine-tingling horror film directed by Brian Hooks and Deon Taylor. This movie is a stalk-and-slash frightener, as it reveals how a weekend vacation trip, planned by a group of students, gets converted into a deadly game of continued existence. University of Dreyskill is renowned for its world-class education facilities, but there is a particular group of students, ‘The Crew’, who possess no interest in studying at all. After the closure of their semester exams, they plan to have a party at a massive hideaway mansion, on top of Colorado Hills, so that they could spend a wild weekend partying. In order to have fun and entertainment, they play a game which is called ‘75’. According to the rules, the player, has to ring a random number and try to frighten the unknown person on other side for 75 seconds. If the player manages to do that, then he/she emerges the winner, otherwise loses his turn. But this simple play of hoax and scary calls, turns out to be their biggest nightmare, when one of the players, accidently makes a call to an immoral person. Catch Dead Tone video to experience fear here!

Dead Tone movie is Directed By : Brian Hooks, Deon Taylor

Starring :
Rutger Hauer, Jud Tylor, Antwon Tanner, Brian Hooks, Wil Horneff, Aimee Garcia, Germán Legarreta

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Sep 11,2009
OMG!! This isn't the real Dead Tone trailer... wth? Good attempt tho!
Sep 11,2009
finally saw this movie dead tone. it was pretty good. definitely a must see. any thoughts?
mr. suave
Aug 19,2009
im so excited for the movie to release! looking forward to see antwon tanner on the big screen