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Dark Shadows

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Release Date:May 11,2012

Category: Comedy / Fantasy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.8

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Johnny Depp
Helena Bonham Car..
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Plot: The movie starts in an ancient setting, back in the year 1752, where we see a wealthy couple, Joshua and Naomi Collins, escaping their lives in Liverpool, England, in an attempt to break free from an evil curse that has supposedly gripped their lives, and those of their future generations, for good. Two decades later, their son, Barnabas, portrayed by the ever-charming Johnny Depp, is introduced as the wealthiest and most popular young man in Collinsport, Maine, where they now live. Watch Dark Shadows online to witness the tale that unfolds, as Barnabas keeps going about his playboy ways, failing to realize the consequences that can follow. When he breaks the heart of a witch, he is doomed to destruction by a curse that imposes on him the worst possible punishment- immortality. The witch converts him into a vampire, and then buries him alive. Barnabas finally manages to escape in the year 1972, and is bewildered by the vertiginous changes that have occurred in the world over the past two centuries. As he returns to the Collinwood Manor, he is shocked to find his estate in ruins, and to realize that all of his descendants are still under the horrid spell that his parents were struck with centuries ago. He must find a way to save them from further destruction, and to end the spell from casting ant further doom. Download Dark Shadows to find out whether or not he succeeds in the mission, and more importantly, whether his clan accepts him as one of themselves, despite him being a vampire.                                     

Dark Shadows Movie Directed by: Tim Burton

Starrings: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer , Eva Green , Jonny Lee Miller ,Chloë Grace Moretz ,Helena Bonham Carter.

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