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Dance Flick

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Release Date:May 22,2009

Category: Action / Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.8

Views: 58834

Comments: 8

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Plot :  This movie is a spoof on a motley mix of movies of mostly the dance genre, some famous action and thriller movies, and also some fantasy children’s animation tales. Thomas Uncles (Damon Wayans, Jr.) is a street dancer, who loses his boss’ $5000 in a tightly fought dance-off. His boss is a morbidly obese gang lord (David Alan Grier) who loves food. He threatens Thomas and tells him to recover the lost amount within a week or lose his life. Megan White (Shoshana Bush) arrives at a train station to live with her father, after her mother is killed in a road accident. At his rat-trap apartment, Megan is introduced to the downtown culture and street rapping. At school, where she learns dancing, Megan meets some more weird characters, each with problems of their own. She befriends Charity, Thomas’ sister, who has a baby and is not at all a good parent. After initially clashing, Thomas and Megan strike up a friendship, which is interspersed with incidents that break them up. Thomas’ partner, Akon, meanwhile, plans to eliminate the boss who is demanding money, but Thomas stays away. Megan learns of Thomas’ debt and decides to help him by forming a dance troupe and entering into the competition and win the contest. During the dance-off, the judge declares a tie, when in a most unnatural twist Thomas’ boss, who is supposedly killed, turns up alive and does a dance routine for fat people. Impressed, the judge and the public, declare them winners!

Dance Flick movie is Directed By : Damien Wayans

Starring : Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, Damon Wayans Jr., Amy Sedaris, Shoshana Bush, Shawn Wayans

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May 11,2010
This movie proved to be a nice comedy movie.
Apr 21,2010
My out of surprise Dance Flick movie is a cool comedy flick.
Jan 08,2010
it wont let me watch it, wtf!!!!
zoe shaw
Nov 30,2009
i hope this film is going to be a good laugh as it loks great form the cilps ive seen of it
Aug 14,2009
i wanted to watch the whole movie !
Aug 01,2009
I have downloaded movies from your site and they are truly DVD quality videos.
Jul 22,2009
Jun 21,2009
but i want see all the movie how can i do ???