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Release Date:Jan 28,2010

Category: Action

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Plot : Damage’ is a breathtaking action film directed by Jeff King. This movie highlights the gloomy world of underground fighting. The story revolves around a man, John Brickner (Steve Austin), who gets released from prison. After getting freedom, he has to start his life in a new way, amidst a world which is full of criminals, degenerates and killers. Due to certain reasons; he gets driven towards the illegal world of bare-knuckle fighting. As he gets support from his gorgeous assistant Frankie (Laura Vandervoot) and his promoter Reno (Walton Goggins), he reaches new heights in the world of underground fighting. He rapidly climbs the ladder of success and faces the ultimate challenge, where he has to face a fight against death itself. In the end, when he puts everything on the line, the stakes escalate. ‘Damage’ video highlights the difficult choices one has to make in life, particularly in the time of crisis. John battles out the toughest of fights in order to arrange money for the treatment of his victim’s daughter. Along the way, in the most bizarre ways, he gets to experience friendship and fatherly love.

Damage movie is Directed By : Jeff King

Starring : Walton Goggins, Donnelly Rhodes, Lynda Boyd, Clifton MaCabe Murray, Giles Panton, Eric Keenleyside

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Jun 05,2010
I love Damage movie for the action scenes and story.