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Daddy's Home

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Release Date:Sep 10,2010

Category: Thriller / Drama

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Plot : Not all families qualify for the happy family tag. Some of them exist even under the dark shadows of horror. Daddy’s home is a tale that captures one such family. The story follows Angelica who moves to a new place to be with her beau, Bryon. To make a living, she joins a job as an educator in a local educational institute. Here, a child grabs her attention. The manners of students don’t seem convincing to the lady, and she smells a rat. To get to the bottom of the matter, she tries to make camaraderie with the girl named Willow, but she doesn’t open up the secret. Steven, on the other hand, is an aggressive lad and refuses to listen to anybody. But Angelica is determined to reveal everything that is hidden. As she further gropes for the family secret, she finds that the matters are far too serious and far away from her prowess. Gradually, she comes to know of the secret haunting the kids and decides to walk the path of further exploration, giving no airs to the consequences. Will Angelica be able to save the kids from the lives that they have been forced to live, or, will truth be too much for her to cope with? Watch Daddy’s Home online to experience the haze that is surrounding them all.

Daddy's Home movie is Directed By : Justin Price

Starring : C.H. Morris, Sebastian Trevino, Daniela Espinosa, Peter Madrigal, Anna Mardiros, Christian Gonzalez, Melinda Cavasos, Klarisha Muniz

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