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Crushed Velvet

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Release Date:Apr 16,2011

Category: Thriller

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.1

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Plot : Writer Michael Z. Gordon gives us a taste of the forbidden fruit with his latest offering, Crushed Velvet. In this depiction of a parallel world, the pair of scissors have been relegated a seat in the corner as censorship is rescinded from all movies and television. Such a utopia results in TV becoming the new national addiction. People can do or say almost anything on television as there are no eagle eyes watching them. In such a scenario, Laurie Love enters the screen, portraying the role of a wife, Dusty Velvet, whose husband has been forcibly taken for service in the National Armed Forces. His coming back alive seems a distant dream, with wars happening in Iraq and Iran and the armed forces battling for their nation. For Dusty Velvet, the only way to get her husband back is to buy him out from the military, by paying a hefty sum of five hundred thousand dollars. As you watch Crushed Velvet video, you get to see the way Velvet makes a plan to get back her husband as she participates in a new reality game show, which can give its contestants as much as 4.5 million dollars as the prize money. However, things don’t turn out to be all rosy!

Movie is Directed By : Brian Skiba

Starring : Laurie Love, Ron Jeremy, Davina Joy, Richard Anderson, Kimber Leigh, Tenley Dene, Cami Spiegel, Brian Ronalds

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