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Release Date:Jan 01,2010

Category: Horror / Mystery

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 5.0

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Plot : Julian’s inquisitive eyes reflect towering career dreams - besides being a student of architecture at a prominent university, he displays lightening fast moves, as a well-practiced martial artist. His seemingly smooth flowing life, takes an altogether different course, after he takes up the house sitting job with a wealthy family in Perth. Although, this job opens up a whole new world of opportunities for him, he is unaware of the uninvited aspects, that will soon start to haunt him, like a recurring-nightmare. While he feels sexually-aroused by the suspenseful and sizzling Anna, his once warm & growing relationship with Clare, gets engulfed by clouds of threat. This misfortune in his life is followed by the arrival of adversities of a greater magnitude. Once a career oriented and focused guy, Julian now loses direction in his life, with disappointing performances in a martial arts championship starting his downfall. That’s not all; even on the academic front, he loses grip over his shining destiny, as an assignment loss erodes a major segment of its sheen. This unceasing series of disasters begins to make dents on his composure. He soon sees some connection with the hovering clouds of misfortune on his life and his link-up with Anna. He goes on to terminate all ties with her, but not without facing the lethal consequences. Crush is an avalanche of excitement for the out-and-out thrill junkies. A fast-paced screenplay and eruption of one eye-popping secret after the other, does not let the entertainment level drop, even a bit.

Crush Movie is Directed By : Jeffrey Gerritsen, John V. Soto

Starring : Christian Clark, Christopher Egan, Brooke Harmon, Kane Manera, Gemma Pranita

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