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Cool It

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Release Date:Nov 12,2010

Category: Documentary

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Plot : With an ace representation of environmental cataclysm, Ondi Timoner (director and writer) has tried to foresee human destiny in ‘Cool It’. An adaptation of Danish environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg’ book, it focuses on factual and scientific contours of global warming that has become a climatic peril for human kind. Cool It video provided here brings out some smart solutions given by Lomborg to handle climate change, environmental pollution, and other problems of the world. This 88-minute-long documentary is highly enlightening, subjective and insinuatingly persuasive. It seems, the director along with the protagonist Lomborg, has a conservative approach towards a colossal issue like global warming. Bjorn recommends some of the pragmatic methods to different governments on this planet, to embark upon global climate change and in which energy resources should money be put. The protagonist and other scientists present in this factual documentary opine that A.I.T. engenders impracticable frenzy about climatic problems augmenting the enormity of global warming threat. Lomborg, founder and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, is one of the world’s renowned and skilled economists and talks about epidemic global problems like Malaria, the lack of potable water and HIV/AIDS along with a complete cost/benefit analysis of the available solutions.

Cool It Movie is Directed By : Ondi Timoner

Starring : James Hansen, Steven Schneider, Bjorn Lomborg, Daniel Kammen

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