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Cold Prey 3

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Release Date:Oct 15,2010

Category: Horror

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Plot : Cold Prey 3 is a sequel to its first two namesakes. The plot of this movie follows the story of five young friends, who go out on a snowboarding trip in the mountains. What follows is a series of spine-chilling events as they encounter a killer, who’s lurking over the mountains. Cold Prey 3 video then takes us on a flashback, giving us an insight into the events of the killer’s youth and background. To add to the terror, the movie presents a trip up the Stehoe Mountain, into a hotel that has mystery looming over it. The hotel is owned by a couple, who are on the edge of bankruptcy, owing to some uncanny incidents taking place there. They hold their son responsible for these events, due to which they lock him in the basement. What follows is a series of grueling events that culminates into a horrible incident, which forces the couple to reveal their son’s absence to everyone around them, by claiming that he had fallen into a crevasse. The intertwining of the five youngsters with this couple makes the plot an extremely captivating one, that’s sure to send you in shudders.

Cold Prey 3 Movie is Directed By : Mikkel Brænne Sandemose

Starring : Ida Marie Bakkerud, Kim S. Falck-Jorgensen, Pal Stokka, Julie Rusti, Arthur Berning, Sturla Rui

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