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Release Date:Sep 10,2010

Category: Documentary

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Plot : Chosin is a movie based on the war around the now famous Chosin Reservoir. The movie is directed by Brian Iglesias, who has depicted the war scenario of a time when the 15,000 soldiers of the U.S. army were caught by the soldiers of communist China. This all happened in the icy mountains of North Korea. The soldiers of the American army fought bravely, and traveled almost 78 miles, not just to save their own lives and to get to freedom, but also for another purpose. Their main aim was to safeguard the lives of the civilian refugees residing nearby, who were around 98,000 in numbers. The story of the struggle of these soldiers is captured remarkably in this movie, which takes an emotional and heartrending turn, just the way their lives do. The American survivors of the war have talked about their truly terrifying experiences in the movie. It has been 60 years, since the war broke on the beautiful terrains of Korea, but the memories of the fighters are still fresh. The pain that resides in them still hurts them and the scenes of the war still haunt their dreams. This war is one of the most untamed ones in the history of America and it has left its traces in the memories of the people associated with it. Watching this movie will let one acquaint themselves with the happenings of that time. It would be best to watch Chosin online to know more about the war circumstances, because this is one story that you will not want to ignore.

Chosin Movie is Directed By : Brian Iglesias

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