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Chain Letter

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Release Date:Oct 01,2010

Category: Thriller / Horror

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Nikki Reed
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Plot : Chain Letter is a thriller in which a former army man puts to death a number of people, for no fault of theirs. The movie shows a guy named Neil, who receives an email in which he is asked to forward the email to 5 other people, failing which, he will have to face dire consequences. His sister Rachael also receives a copy of the email and forwards it to four people. Neil’s friends Jessie and Johnny also receive a copy of the email. While Jessie forwards it to five people, in the same way as Neil had done, Johnny ignores it. The movie moves on to show Johnny being assaulted and finally, killed, in his gym. A similar fate awaits Rachael, who is killed while taking a bath. This leads to Neil and Jessie teaming up with Michael in order to find out who the culprit behind these murders is, in a bid to stop further killings. A detective meets Jessie when Rachael’s last rituals are being carried out. On the request of the detective, Jessie forwards the email to him. Now, the next person to be killed is Jessie because the only person she forwarded the mail to, was the detective. The movie then shows Neil being burnt alive. The person responsible for all these killings spares Michael. And this is because Michael did not receive any such mail from anyone. The movie’s tagline reads ‘if you don’t forward it, you die’ and the story justifies this completely.

Chain Letter Movie is Directed By : Deon Taylor

Starring : Betsy Russell, Brad Dourif, Brian Tee, Cherilyn Wilson, Keith David, Ling Bai, Nikki Reed  

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