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Release Date:Sep 17,2010

Category: Thriller / Documentary

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.9

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Plot : Catfish is a documentary, which gives the real picture of the virtual world of the Internet. The story revolves around a young photographer in New York, who finds love on the social networking site, Facebook. As Nev Schulman uncovers the truths and lies of his wired love story, two amateur film makers decide to follow Nev’s romance, as it unfolds. These two film-makers are none other than Nev’s younger brother Ariel and his friend, Henry. The story commences, when Nev receives a painting of a photograph he once clicked. The e-mail was from an 8-year old girl Abby, residing in Michigan. Nev is impressed by Abby’s painting talent and befriends her. He starts interacting with Abby, her elder sister Megan and even with her mother, Angela. As the film progresses, Nev falls in love with Megan, or her Facebook page, technically. After being in a virtual relationship with Megan for a year via Facebook, MySpace and Google Talk, Nev finally decides to meet Megan in person and see how she really is. So Nev, Arial and Henry set out to Michigan, with their cameras rolling. However, none of them could have come close to guessing what they were about to find out. When they visit Abby, they discover that the painting was never sent by the little girl in the first place. It had been sent by her mother Angela. Also, the woman who Nev had been in touch with, since almost a year is not Megan, but mommy Angela!

Catfish Movie is Directed By : Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Starring : Nev Schulman, Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

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