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Cars 2

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Release Date:Jun 24,2011

Category: Comedy / Animation

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.0

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Plot : Cars 2’, as the title of the movie suggests, is all about the road journey with some of the most powerful, yet cute and colourful cars of the world. ‘Cars 2’ is an animated movie, which focuses on two powerful cars, one being the Lightning McQueen and the other being, the Mater. While the former is a power-packed car, which aims to compete with the World Grand Prix, we have the powerful tow truck, the Mater, on the other hand. The movie focuses on the budding relationship between these two cars, as well as some of the unseen contingencies and issues, faced by the Mater. While it’s all set to befriend Lightning McQueen, it experiences world’s most ridiculous surprises, coupled with a lot of thrill and adventure. Mater knows now that the road journey is not as easy and plain, as it appears. It’s got a lot of unseen and unheard aberrant paths, which makes Mater travel all the way to Japan and Europe. And, the best part of which is that now, it is not alone. Mater has the world with it, which is constantly keeping an eye on its chase through different nations, which is coupled by its friends, who’re acting as the world’s best navigators. Mater now manoeuvres through its on-road journey with keeping the right pace, to reach McQueen on time.

Cars 2 Movie is Directed By : John Lasseter, Brad Lewis

Starring : Owen Wilson, John Ratzenberger, Bonnie Hunt, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, Larry The Cable Guy

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kenneth anthony Regida
Jun 29,2011
nice woohoo.
Jun 26,2011
nice film
ashton miranda
Jun 08,2011
the cars toon movie is my favorite and i want to see thewhole movie soon.
ryan laynes
May 27,2011
movies like cars and kung fu panda 2 are great for my children..like it^_^
anton sebastian sabarre villavicencio
Apr 27,2011
good! amazing!