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Calvin Marshall

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Release Date:Aug 20,2010

Category: Comedy

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Plot : Sophomore refers to that stage in a person’s life, when the individual is bubbling with enthusiasm and the gusto knows no bounds. Watch Calvin Marshall online and catch up with Calvin Marshall (Alex Frost), a promising student at the Bayford City College, who aspires to become a part of the baseball team. That he is in fact harboring too lofty a dream to be actualized, is the conclusion that Coach Little seems to draw from this entire hustle-bustle. But does that stop Calvin from surging ahead? Never! For he seems to be so passionate about the game, that this burning desire is what coerces Coach Little to relinquish his staunch beliefs about the lad and his abilities. Distractions are abound in college life and Mr. Marshall is no different. He falls prey to the charms of Tori (Michelle Lombardo), the star of the Lady Bisons volleyball team. Tori, like any other youngster is entrapped in a cocoon of her own. While on the one hand, it’s an ailing mother who calls for the gal’s attention, on the other, it’s the advances of Calvin that puts her in a state of tizzy. Would these individuals, who have accomplished some feats in their respective fields of academia, be able to overcome these obstacles, thrown in an ipso facto age itself? That’s what the story is all about - a journey all must have experienced, for this sojourn is encountered by all and sundry and Calvin and Tori are no aliens to such situations either.

Calvin Marshall Movie is Directed By : Gary Lundgren

Starring : Alex Frost, Steve Zahn, Michelle Lombardo, Jeremy Sumpter, Cynthia M. Watros, Noah Ryan Scott, Abbey Merow, Diedrich Bader, Grace Thorsen, Abraham Benrubi, Darwin Barney

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